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Feb 5 '14


Feb 4 '14

eternalstruggleofrhubarbpie asked:

oh, and I would say for your audition thing to add BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING because some auditions are weird and being nice to everyone IS SO CRITICAL BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU FOR HOW YOU HANDLE ASSISTANTS WHO DON'T HAVE MUCH PULL IN THE SHOW.


Bless. This. Advice. 

Okay- Since I don’t have my last name here I have no problem sharing this story about being ready for anything for college auditions.

I went in to do my Fordham audition at 10am in the morning. They were running early and even though I was there 15 minutes early they called me in as soon as I had set down my bag. KIDS DIDN’T SHOW UP. If you don’t show up to your college audition you better be under one of 3 categories: 

  1.  Someone died.
  2. You’re dying in a hospital as we speak.
  3.  You already got into Carnegie Mellon. 

Also: If you can’t make it EMAIL THEM! They can take you off the list which makes it possible for someone to do a walk up audition if it’s Unifieds, and it’s professional. 

Anyways… They take you downstairs where you sit in a long line of chairs like you’re waiting for the principal because you were being naughty in class. Then you go into one of the two panel audition rooms where you do your two monologues. They then asked me if I had anything else prepared (ALWAYS HAVE BACK UP MONOLOGUES AND SONGS!!! You never want this answer to be an awkward “Ummmm No”). So I did my third monologue for them and then they worked with me and had me do them a third time. Afterwards they sent me back to wait in the hallway of naughty children to go do it for the other panel. Usually you only have to do it for one panel. 

Moral of the story: Be prepared. Be Nice. Be yourself. Always have Extra Material. Be Professional. Be Early. 

"If you’re early you’re on time. If you’re on time you’re late. And if you’re late you’re fired" 

Feb 4 '14

eternalstruggleofrhubarbpie asked:

I think i asked you about being nice to the pianist earlier in the year cuz i was doing my tisch audition and if you were, I just wanted to say thanks because I was really nice with the pianist they had and made puns with him and he recognized me after he was all done with what he had to do and I had two students at the audition think that I was a student already at tisch and it was kinda awesomesauce cuz its my 2nd choice and I already got into my 3rd so i'm just waiting for Carnegie.mellon


I’m so happy for you that it went so well!!! They really respect you for it, and most kids snub them and are so rude so when you are kind and nice they really remember it! And when you audition on campus especially they are usually affiliated with the school! 

Out of curiosity where is your 3rd choice?

Feb 4 '14

punkrockkierenwalker asked:

I get to play Toby (the kid) in my college's production of Sweeney Todd. But I am a classically trained soprano and it's a tenor part. We can't transpose it ( because of the orchestra) so i have either the option to modify every single line i sing (with octave jumps or some simplifications of the melody) ooooor sing it all an octave higher and turning toby into a boy soprano (he is a young boy after all). If you were in my place which would you chose?

Ugh tough choice. I would have gone with consistency and sung it all up the octave otherwise it could be a little jarring for the audience and remove them from the scene.

Let me know what you chose I’m so interested! 

Feb 4 '14

Unified Auditions

So I just finished my Unified Auditions in New York this year and if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them! 

Feb 4 '14


I missed you all very much. 



Feb 4 '14

b00k--w0rm asked:

I am the ruler of over-packing and I wanted to know if you could give me a list of your tech week/performance essentials. Pretty much every single thing you would ever think of bringing.

Oh my god! I LIVE to over pack! I just auditioned for colleges in New York and brought Two GIANT suit cases and a duffle bag on the plane. Anyways…

My Tech Week Bag:

-Granola Bars/Trail Mix

-Throat Coat

-Small Honey Bear

-WATER (lots of water)


-Boots (Ugg style) to wear after a long day in heels

-Comfortable Clothes

-Any Makeup/Hair Stuff you need

-Extra pair of dance tights

-Phone Charger


Performance Bag: *Most of this stuff I bring and leave in the theatre

-Mug/Tea for pre show

-Non-Dairy Snacks (you never know when you won’t eat before)


-Extra Tights

-Bobby Pins

-Makeup Remover (I take off most of my makeup before I leave every night)

-Dance Shorts

-A robe if you don’t wanna just chill in your bra

-Headphones/Music Dock if your dressing room mates are cool with that! 

-An old pair of character shoes (just in case- I’ve been in situations where I’ve forgotten my good ones at home)


-Water Bottle

-Boots (Ugg style) to wear after a long day in heels

If I think of anything else I will let you know! :)

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